The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique
is a simple and practical method for self-improvement and self-help.
Poise, vitality and coordination improve.
Breathing and speaking become easier.
Movement becomes freer, lighter and more enjoyable.

why do it?

To perform better
Performers can improve stamina, increase clarity of perception, free up spontaneity and manage stage-fright. It is taught at many performing arts schools and colleges.
Sports people can improve flexibility, timing and efficiency, to be on form more consistently.

For your health and well-being
Learning the Alexander Technique can help you to prevent or alleviate conditions associated with undue tension or poor posture. These include many difficulties with coordination and movement; joint and muscle problems; breathing disorders; and stress-related conditions. It can enhance rehabilitation after operations, injury, or illness, and provide support during pregnancy and preparation for childbirth.
It can improve management of stress and pain, and provide coping skills for chronic illness and disabilities.

For your self-development
The Alexander Technique offers you a method for lifelong learning. You can use it to develop self-awareness and it can lead to ongoing self-discovery.

How can you learn?

You learn the Alexander Technique through one-to-one lessons. This setting provides the best opportunity for your individual needs to be addressed.

The teacher will use explanation and a guiding touch to help you rediscover balance and ease within yourself. You start by working with simple movements and positions, like sitting, standing and walking.

Through experience and observation you learn how your coordination works- how you create tension and how you can prevent or release it. This awareness enables you to change long-standing habits and function more efficiently. In time and with practice you will be able to use your new understanding and skill in more complex and demanding activities and situations in your daily life. You can bring awareness and poise in anything you do.

A course of 20-30 regular lessons can provide a good foundation for on-going self-discovery for most people.

About the teacher

Jacqueline Hulleman was trained at the Alexander Technique Center in Amsterdam.
She qualified in 1999. She is a member of the UK Society of Teachers in the F.M. Alexander Technique (STAT), and of the NL society NeVLAT,

Alexander techniek – mind&body coaching

for lessons, workshops and more information, please contact:

Jacqueline Hulleman

Ruimte Kortenaer
Kortenaerplein 32

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T 020 6890527

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